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YouTube Welcome

Hello!!! I'm starting to put together material online and as part of this I have included a YouTube Welcome video. I will be including stuff from Dv8, Nicholls & Simes, Mind The Gap and covers that I have done on my own.

If you have a mo, if you could pop over to YouTube and "Like" my video and possibly Subscribe to my channel and click on the Notification Bell, you'll get a notification when I upload a new video. This is the first time I have promoted this, so you will be one of the first, as you will see from the Subscription numbers!!!

My first goal is to get 100 Subscribers, which will enable me to get a Custom URL (YouTube address) I am also putting together playlists of people online who I follow and who have given me information or helped me in some way, in my quest for complete knowledge and world domination. It's been, and still is, a huge learning curve but it's about time I started sharing stuff with you!

I hope you and yours are all very well, stay safe!

Feel The Onward & Upward Love!!! x

Oh, and here is a fluffy bunny to help you with your day!

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