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Happy 2023!!!!

Welcome to 2023 and all of the exciting stuff that we are going to experience together. This will include Radio Edits of previously released songs from Dv8's up-and-coming Album Release, new original song releases, new cover releases and so much more besides! 2022 went quiet on the music front ...........

but 2023 will see us going full steam ahead!!!

How do you like the analogies so far? 😁 Dv8's last gig was in October 2017, a fundraiser for The Coventry Music Museum, at the original Empire in Coventry. This used to be The Paris Cinema, many years ago, and The Empire has now become HMV Empire and has since moved to the old ABC Cinema in Hertford Street in Coventry City Centre. We look forward to visiting there in the not too distant future! We made the decision, following that gig, that we needed to have something to show for our efforts and so, six years down the line, that is about to become a reality!

On the music front, we are going to start by spliting the I Believe Medley into Radio Edits of the three songs, I Believe, My Interest In The Radio and Life Rushes By and uploading them to BBC Introducing and elsewhere, to see if we can stir up some local interest. We'll see how that goes!!!

We will also be releasing a CD and online album and complimenting that with a launch party.

Following that we hope to be back out playing and enjoying the "Live" experience again. Watch this space!!! Hope you had a great Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year to you and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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