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So!!! This Is What Was Calling Me!!!! Out Now!!!!!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

This is the latest single from Dv8 and this one has history!

Let me tell you a story!

In 1984 I joined a Coventry Band called Okko Sirocco, I was 22 and it was my first "real" band and they had been established for 2 years. The main songwriter and guitarist was a guy called Michael Heath. The band split up 6 months later and in 1985 Michael moved out of Coventry to start a new life in Cambridge.

I had always admired his songwriting and so was really pleased that we caught up with each other about 5 years ago, for the first time since he left Coventry.

One of the things that came up out of our get together was that he said he loved writing lyrics and if I had any tunes, then to let him have a go at writing the lyrics, so I promptly gave him a Dv8 song I had just written the melody for.

So was born "Calling Me". An autobiographical song about leaving Coventry in 1985, because he felt it had nothing going for it, and moving away. As the years progressed, however, he realised all the good things that he had experienced in his home City and that the lure to return and to reflect on all of the good times was now very strong, and the City and its memories was calling him back. I love the lyrics and their sentiment and the song will be released initially exclusively on Spotify on 18th September 2021 and then fully on 2nd October, with the Live Video Premiere on 1st October. It's just a pure coincidence that I am releasing a song about Cov in the City Of Culture year, just in case you were wondering but I have used some references to that, in the video, as it seemed appropriate!

If you don't know, I started releasing singles last September for 4 outfits, Nicholls & Simes, Mind The Gap, me solo, and, of course, Dv8, but because of family illnesses I have had to slow down the progress of most of the releases, although all of the songs from Dv8's first album will have been released as singles by the 28th November, the last one coinciding with my 60th birthday!

Here are the lyrics by Michael Heath:

Calling Me

Long ago I cut this town

I just felt the urge to drive away

Words conspire to bring you down

We were lost for something good to say


Tonight I walk

Along its streets

Among its courts

So this is what was calling me

Verse 2:

All those things you wouldn’t say

All those things I couldn’t bear to hear

So what was my need to stay?

Packed my things and vowed to disappear


But now I walk

Along its streets

Among its courts

So this is what was calling me

High on the breeze

Calling me……………..

Chorus 2:

Now__ As this city shows its face

I see the highs and lows of so long ago all so differently

So__ many bad mistakes

They show me so alone in a city home that was calling me

Calling me

You were calling me…..

Guitar Solo:

I've seen it all, been away so many years and now I’m home


Here is the video on YouTube

Although the song is released on all major music platforms, you can also purchase a copy on our website, which means we get 100% of the revenue.

Here's the add-it link to the song on Spotify, where you can add it to your Playlist of choice: Hope you like it, there has been a great deal of work put into it to get it out there!

To be kept informed of all new releases, please sign up to our mailing list @ Thank you very much for your support!

Feel The Home Grown Love! x

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