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Dave Nicholls Music


Well, that's me!  Since being made redundant as an ICT Systems Manager in May 2014 I have been concentrating on music in a number of different, ever-evolving acts, involving many very talented people.  You can see details of those by clicking on the "Band, Duos & Solo" tab above.  I have also been recording songs, mainly covers, in my own right, because I really like them!  The plan is to make a living at doing one of my greatest passions, so we'll see how that pans out in the future.  There will be many recordings and much more besides!


Dave Nicholls Music - Music Production &  Management

Dave Nicholls Music Label - Music Release Management

Dave Nicholls Solo

When not playing with Mind The Gap, Nicholls & Simes and the mighty Dv8, I do some stuff on my own!

My full repertoire .... ever-expanding ... is here:

Dave Nicholls Music  Repertoire




Nicholls & Simes


After over 40 years since we last played in a band together ..... yes, obviously we were very, very young then! ...... Here we are in a Guitar/Vocal & Sax Duo, playing highly entertaining Classic Jazz & Pop Songs that everyone will know and love!!
Our website is here: 

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap is a studio duo featuring Dave Nicholls, Guitar/Vocals and Jay Jones Piano, who provide you with a unique "Lounge" set of Jazz and Pop Classics.

Our website is here: 


Dv8 Coventry
Rock It Is But Is It Progressive?


Dv8 Coventry is our 6-piece studio band performing original music mostly written by myself.  I have a large back catalogue and am working through these to record and play.  Most of my songs have a rockish feel to them and according to Jay they fit into the "Steely Zapper" genre and then someone added that we sound a bit like Aztec Camera, so our genre is now Steely Aztec Zapper!  Oh, and I guess some are a bit "Progressive Rock".  We are all excited about sharing our work with you!
Our website is here:

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