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Coronavirus .... It's All Quite Obvious Now!!!!

I believe I have an apology to make!

I am not a religious man and without wallowing in my own self-importance, I strongly believe that if there is a God, then this is his/her way of showing how pissed off he/she is that it has taken me so long to put together our first album, that he/ .... no, only a he would do this!! .... has put the world on lockdown, so that I now have the time and space to do so.

Even the name of the virus is a give away .... COV - I'm from Cov!!!, ID - Incorporate that with the 'V' of Cov and it's the last three letters of my name!!! DaVID and it was at 19 when I probably came up with the idea of an album! It's so obvious, it's ridiculous!!!

I'm not saying that my boys had anything to do with influencing the situation but they have been getting a bit tetchy recently!!!

My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused and I hope I can appease the almighty by producing something that is good enough to stop all of this madness and get us back on track (no pun intended! ..... Well, maybe just a little one!)

Watch this space!

Feel The "All of this, just so that I can concentrate on one thing!" Love! ❤️ SHINY!!!!!

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