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Stuck In Kent!!!

Updated: May 17, 2021


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This is where I am staying. Not too shabby eh! 😄


Well, life throws all sorts of ”interesting“ things at us and right now is no exception!

Having completed and individually released all of the songs for our Dv8 EP, "We Believe This Is The EP", the intention was to group them and release the EP in the first quarter of this year. That’s not going to happen now, as we're already well into the second quarter, so I am going to review and promote our single releases, along with those of Mind The Gap, Nicholls & Simes and my Solo stuff, instead.

I had also intended to complete our first album by the end of January but that’s on hold too!

Why??? I hear you cry!

My lovely wife’s parents are very poorly and need 24-hour care, so we moved down to Kent to help look after them. We were here for 3 months and returned home for the first time since February 8th, last week. Helen and her siblings, along with a part-time carer, do all of the looking after and I do general errands and some of the cooking. Helen has been doing her full teaching schedule online, with the kids in the classroom, with a Teaching Assistant in the class and Helen projected on the screen. This situation has now become untenable, so she now is back at school for the three days a week she works. Our lovely Mr Foxx is staying down here, for the time being, to spare him from the 6 hour weekly trips.


This is Mr Foxx, contemplating life on the beach in Whitstable.


We have no idea how long this situation will last but all initial plans for Dv8 are now temporarily on hold.


This is us in all our Avatar glory!!!!


In the coming weeks, I shall endeavour to revisit all of our releases so far, that's ten since last September, update our websites and Social Media platforms and start on our second album.

I shall also put out weekly updates on our progress.

I hope you are all very well and that you are coping with our unique lifestyles and I hope to lighten the load, just a little, with our music for you to enjoy!

Watch this space for future updates and stay safe!

Dave 😘


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