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AND WE'RE OFF .....OOPS!!!! ...... UPDATE!!!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

My dear friend David Wye has pointed out to me that the video below just plays and there is no link to "Like", this is here: The winning candidate has 98 votes and we have 11. Perhaps this might help! Thank you for your support! x

5 years in the making and we finally released our first ever single on 30th September 2020. This is Girl With The Big Feet and coincidentally, we had entered a Song Contest run by Music Store in early September and on 1st October, got confirmation that we were through to the next round with this release!!! The way the competition works, is that the video with the highest number of "Likes" wins! Simple, so please help us and give us a "Like" on YouTube. We are number 37 on the playlist. We really appreciate your support!

Once you have helped us move one step closer to world domination, by liking the video linked above, you can also find the video we created on YouTube here:

You can also get a copy of the song and help us along the way here:

So, we're really excited to get the ball rolling and look forward to sharing future releases with you! Next up is a double Halloween release, so keep a look out for that! Thanks again for your support and talk to you soon! Feel The Dv8 Family Love! x

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