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It's About Time!!!!!

Well, we're way into 2016 now and I have been extremely busy with stuff in the background, and when I say in the background, that's fairly obvious, as I haven't exactly been updating these blogs have I!!!

So, where do we start!!

Mind The Gap has now become me and Virtual Jay, as he has now got a full-time job, working shifts, and he and his lovely wife Shell are expecting their third baby, which we now know is a girl! We have recorded all of his piano, so I can still perform with him, even though he's not actually there! Blimes!

Sofia has left work and has now thrown herself into music professionally. In doing so, in addition to our duo work, she is now doing a number of band and solo gigs, so we have changed our duo name to Song & Dance, using a treble clef where the ampersand is (squiggly and!). I continue to work on the promo video that we did, some weeks ago, at Nailcote Hall. I will then be looking for work in Hotels, Golf Clubs and promoting us with various agencies.

Nicholls & Dimes, my solo The Great American & British Songbook act is born and I am working on the promo videos for that. Same deal as above.

I have also added a solo acoustic set to my repertoire and will be working on the promotion for that as well! Phew!!!

The Cave gigs are coming along nicely and we are working on introducing a new guitarist and new songs into the set, moving away from the Classic Rock, to more intricate rock songs with duel guitar and multiple vocal harmonies. Gigs resume in June and we have three. I am loving my new five string bass .... how did I ever get on without the extra string! Lol! I have secured a gig at The Party In The Park on 9th July in Baddesley Ensor, so really looking forward to that!

Dv8 is now at full compliment and I am rehearsing with separate members to get them up to speed with the ten songs we want to get together initially, enabling us to get on the road. In the interim, once the promo stuff is finished, I will be working in the background to get the songs for the Days Gone By Album underway and finished and preparing new songs to introduce to the band.

So, it's all go and I'll try and keep you up to date a bit more often from now on!

We are all really looking forward to performing for you in the not too distant future.

Hope everything is great in your world and thank you very much for your continued support.

Watch this space!!!!

Dave ;-) x

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