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kev currie Musical Biography

I guess it really started at school. We didn’t have a name and we played 4 songs in the 6th form common room. 90% borrowed kit, a HIFI for a PA and about 10 people watching. But there I met Dave….

Dave and Steve (Madden) asked me to join Spider Murphy some 3 years after that and we worked hard to get a tight sound. With the addition of Dave Smith and Paul Delo the band that later became Murphys Law was formed. Great times!

During that time music became very busy as I joined up with the electro-pop wizard, the late great Russel Vilan and worked in both bands at the same time. Busy busy!

After this band of illustrious musicians went their separate ways, I joined up with the former Still Life frontman Phil Solman in a blues trio, the Mustang Brothers and we performed in Coventry for about another 2 years before leaving Coventry for Leeds.

I then took time away from music until 2006 when I was asked to join up with a retro 70s rock outfit, with a keyboard player called Phil. This all broke up in 2007 at which point Phil joined the renowned Prog rock ensemble “Manning”. Two weeks later I got the call and after a short audition joined the juggernaut that is the Manning band. After gigs in the USA and in Europe and 5 successful years, I hung up my prog-rock boots following a move to Uttoxeter.

And here we are, full circle, back with Dave getting into that writing groove again. Brilliant!

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