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Jay Jones Musical Biography

My name is Jay Jones and I live in Coventry, UK.  I play piano and I specialise in Jazz piano.

In 1995, at the age of fifteen, I won the Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Musician competition.

Whilst at college studying music, I spent my spare time performing background lounge music at private parties such as Birthdays, Valentine's parties and more.

I then went on to study Jazz Performance at Middlesex University.

Since then, I have toured with different well-known bands and artists in some very prestigious venues including The Winter Gardens, The 100 Club (Oxford Street) Leas Cliff Hall and many more not to mention all of the festivals. As well as Jazz, I have performed many different genres including Reggae, Funk, Soul, Blues and Ska.

For 8 Years I played with a very well known singer/song writer from a Coventry based band called The Specials. This person is Roddy (Radiation) Byers. He wrote chart topping hits such as Gangsters, Hey Little Rich Girl (Amy Winehouse also covered this) Rat Race and many more. I currently play with Roddy in his own band, The Skabilly Rebels.

I don’t just play Jazz standards, I also enjoy playing different styles of your popular chart music but with my own “Lounge” approach and feel. I take popular music, change the chords, harmony and texture and make it my own.

I also spent seven years going around schools and colleges teaching GCSE composition and performance.

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