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Dave Nicholls Musical Biography

I started writing songs in my early teens and have been doing so ever since.  I guess like most songwriters, I have hundreds of eight-bar “masterpieces” just waiting to be crafted into something bigger!  Some of these eventually turned into songs and for a long time, at least it seemed like it when we were teenagers, Steve Madden and I worked together writing songs.
I didn’t join my first “proper” band until I was 22.  This was Okko Sirocco, who were akin to Joe Boxers, as the very talented songwriter Michael Heath thought this was a good idea at the time and the songs were very upbeat, and melodically and lyrically strong.  The rest of the band had been together for two years but as we were rehearsing about 3 hours a day, five days a week, I fitted in quite quickly!  We rehearsed in a specially prepared barn …. More straw was added .... and we had Déjà Vu rehearsing alongside us in the barn next door.  Ironically, I see more of the Déjà Vu guys nowadays, that I do of the Okko boys!  After a whirlwind six months, the band split and I started to formulate the idea of working together with Steve Madden and the lead guitarist (Paul Delo) and drummer (Dave Smith) from Okko and then pulling in the talents of Kev Currie, whom I had known from school.

Spider Murphy was born.  Not too long after we started working together we discovered that the biggest rock band of the day, in Germany, was also called Spider Murphy, so confident that we would eventually clash, we changed our name to Murphy’s Law.  Many, many gigs later we were a band who could fill a pub and go down well on the bigger stages too.  So after two years, we called it a day.

This was the last time I played in an original band and having played in a couple of handfuls of bands over the last nearly 30 years, I have been planning for some time to rekindle those glorious and short-lived days. 

Sadly, my latest escapade, since 2005, ended with the death of my partner in The Sonic Surgeons, on November 4th 2011.  He was 53 and died of cancer within 7 months of being diagnosed.  I will always miss him and to a certain extent, he is now the inspiration behind some of what I would like to achieve from this latest adventure.  He died just after the two of us became three, with the introduction of a fantastically talented and gorgeous entertainer that is Sofia Wilks, now Jones. 

So here we are!  The second project will be to rekindle some old songs and produce an album.  This will be called “Days Gone By”, which is also the name of the title song.
I hope to refresh some old stuff, revamp some not so old stuff and to write a load of new stuff!
I have worked with some fantastic people in the past and I am looking forward to doing a lot more of that in the near future! 

Feel The Love!  ;-) x
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